Wanting to have that extra one-on-one help on the water? Or someone to show you and your group how to have some fun? How about someone to help even well-experienced paddlers to improve on stroke efficiency and advanced skills? Well, Scenic Rentals is now offering both mini-lessons and full customized lessons available to add onto your stand up paddle board rentals. Lessons are instructed by our Paddle Canada certified instructor, who has 4+ years of instructing experience in the Okanagan teaching SUP yoga, basic, skills-orientated and advanced flat water stand up paddle boarding for paddlers of all ages and abilities.  


Lessons are educational, valuable, and a great spot to start your journey into the world of stand up paddle boarding - the fastest growing sport in the world. It truly is an amazing experience, that allows you to gain a leg up on other beginners by working with an experienced, trained, and professional instructor who works with your abilities and areas of interest on the water. As always, these classes are 100% Mobile! We meet you at your desired location, and we supply all of the equipment. It’s as simple as that.