Customized Lessons


Customized Lesson

Along with your two-hour rental, you can add-on a full customized lesson for $55.00 per person (up to 6 people). This entails instruction both on and off the water, and the instructor specifically gears the lesson towards the needs and interests of the paddler and/or group. If you find on the water you’re wanting to explore a range of skills and paddle techniques, or just focus on the basics, this thorough customized lesson is for you. Our three general categories of customization are:


  1. Basics: For those starting out paddling, and for those wanting that extra assistance in finding their stability and learning basic stand up paddle board maneuvers, focusing on learning basic skills and executing them thoroughly may be exactly what you’re looking for. Some basic skills include:


  1. Fun Skills: Great for kids, teens, and anyone else looking for some good laughs and possibly some splashes in the water. Some fun skills include: pivot turns, reverse pivot turns, jump pivots, paddling backwards, headstands, and much more.


  1. Advanced Techniques: For those with some experience and/or interest in the technical side of stand up paddle boarding, board design and history of the sport. Some advanced techniques include: cross-bow bracing, various paddling techniques and their uses/applications, board rescues and safety tips, board/paddle design education, spinning: spin SUP using forward and reverse sweeps or draw (on and off side, and much more.


Time: Entire two hours of rental are joined by the instructor on the water.

Cost: (1-6 people): $55.00/PERSON

  • For inquiries on groups larger than 6 people, please call.