Coffee Shops Near Victoria Beaches

“Experience Your City”

Looking for something to do on your way to the beach, before or after a SUP adventure? Check out some of our favorite spots to grab a cup of coffee on our way to the water!

Thetis Lake:

Serious Coffee, located in View Royal, OR Serious Coffee in the Millstream Village are very convenient locations near the lake.

Both are locally owned and operated, and have free wifi.

Serious Coffee – View Royal

Serious Coffee – Millstream Village

The Upper Gorge Waterway:

This charming little coffee shop is located right on the Gorge, across the road from the Victoria Canoe & Kayak Club (which is also our usual drop-off location for rentals). They feature delicious coffee, a wide variety of snacks and baked goods, as well as live music most days of the week.

Check out their website for more details:

Gorge-ous Cofee

Cadboro Bay/ Gyro Park

This popular area features a long, sandy beach, stunning views of sailboats and wildlife, public washrooms, as well as a very large park for children to play in. There is conveniently a small grocery store (“Peppers”) just up the street, as well as several other dining establishments. However, in terms of grabbing a coffee on your way to the beach, the closest familiar choice is the Starbucks located just a block down from “Peppers”.

There is also a small local cafe/restaurant called “Olive Olio’s Pasta & Espresso Bar” located right down the road. It features a lunch-style menu, as well as coffee and other food-items one would expect from a small coffee shop. A very convenient location, with a less commercial feel in comparison to Starbucks.

We like both!

Olive Olio’s

Cadboro Bay Starbucks

Peppers Grocery Store

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