Launch Spot of the Week: Gorge Waterway

The Gorge Waterway is a beautiful location to experience the city of Victoria from the vantage point of a paddleboard.

The Gorge Waterway Park in Saanich runs the length of the Gorge, an inlet connected to Victoria Harbour. Start at the corner of Tillicum Rd/Gorge Rd and head away from downtown towards the new Admirals Rd bridge. Experience a beautiful and calm cruise down a narrow waterway. Then you can go under the Admirals Rd bridge where the Gorge Waterway will open up so you can loop around and then head back. Lots of little beaches, beautiful homes, and amazing scenery.

Alternatively, turn on to Gorge Rd. West from Admirals rd, and simply follow the road along the water until you come to the Victoria Canoe & Kayak Club. Pull into the parking lot on your right, located in front of the children’s play area beside the club. We will be at the boat launch with your boards.

TOTAL PADDLE TIME: 1 – 1.5 Hours.

MEETING LOCATION: Located about 200 m down the trail from the corner of Tillicum Rd and Gorge Rd. There is a boat launching pad that is impossible to miss at the Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club. The parking lot is attached to the Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club and it is right in front of a children’s play area. Parking is free!



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