Launch Spot of the Week: Ross Bay/ Gonzales Bay

“Experience Your City”

Located along the very popular “Dallas Road Waterfront Trail”, Ross Bay is a beautiful sight. Going for a casual jog along the beach, grabbing a coffee and playing in the sand , or just sitting and gazing across the Georgia Strait to the Mountains of Washington State are all excellent ways to spend an afternoon here.

If you continue down Dallas road, turn onto Hollywood Crescent, and then Crescent Road, you will reach the beautiful location of Gonzales beach. This beach is a favorite amongst locals, and on any given day you can find a large variety of people enjoying the weather. Dogs are not allowed here from June 1st – August 31st.


This paddle represents a slightly more challenging option than Thetis Lake, or the Upper Gorge. These beaches open on to the straight of Georgia, which results in higher winds, tidal currents, and some small waves. Although it is still a very enjoyable, and manageable paddle, first time boarders may want to consider something calmer to get the feel for the sport before heading to this launch spot. That being said, the water can be very flat and calm some days. Checking the weather is the best advice we can give before you decided to launch here.

Total Paddle Time:

1.5-2.5 Hours


We recommend parking at Ross bay and launching here, as opposed to Gonzales. Park along the beach, near the corner of Memorial Crescent and Dallas Rd. The beach here is usually less busy, and parking/unloading is much closer to the water. If you are unsure about whether or not you want to paddle all the way to Gonzales and back, you can turn around at the point, as opposed to paddling all the way to Gonzales Beach, and return to your car from there, or perhaps look at leaving a second vehicle at the other beach so that you can drive back.

Ross Bay Location, Google Maps







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